WordPress Email Marketing Options

Why Mailpoet?

Mailpoet integrates with the WordPress dashboard, letting you send newsletters from your website. It supports upto 2000 subscribers for free and Does Not Require Attribution. The drag-and-drop editor is easy to use. You can schedule a newsletter, send a newsletter (or series) automatically when someone joins, or when there’s new content. It shows a good amount of statistical information too.

The Downside

Mailpoet still works fine but has been replaced by Mailpoet3 which does not allow automation for free, a big problem for me. They also require an upgrade if you want to see which links people clicked. After extensive research looking for a non-MailChimp alternative (I honestly can’t say why I didn’t want to use MailChimp, I just didn’t), I HAVE started using MailChimp. This is in part because I wanted the automatic Birthday Email feature, and the WooCommerce integration. I have had some issues with it already, but nothing too major.

The Difference

Both Mailpoet and MailChimp allow upto 2000 subscribers for free. The main difference is that you can use Mailpoet right in the WordPress dashboard, and MailChimp requires an account on their website, so you have to go to their website to set it up and use it. For many users this, along with the No Attribution in your newsletters, makes Mailpoet an excellent choice! Want to see it in action? Read How to use MailPoet with WordPress.

Getting Started

Unless you already have a 2000+ following or list, it makes sense to use a free option, when you’re just getting started. If your business or organization has a large list already you’ll need to research other email marketing solutions.  No matter what size your business is, I can help you integrate your email marketing with WordPress! My DIY plan includes consultation and plugin installation to make sure you have everything you need to run your website successfully! And with a custom build or CARE plan I can help you get setup with a branded email template (in any platform) to match your website.

Using Other WordPress or third party Email

There are many WordPress plugins that will send Email to your users in any kind of way you can imagine. Examples: WooCommerce has built in customer emails you can customize, there are plugins that send Review reminder emails, and plugins that integrate with the hundreds upon hundreds of third party options for Email marketing. If you’ve found a solution you like, and want to integrate with WordPress, chances are there’s a plugin to connect them! With some you might have to pay to do it, but even then, there are probably a couple of options.